Hipi App Real or Fake? Safe or not? Does pay real money

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By Van Nguyen

The Hipi app has recently gained popularity as a way for people to earn money completing simple tasks on their phones. However, there are questions around whether the app is legit and actually pays users. This article will provide an in-depth review of Hipi to determine if it is real or fake, safe to use, and does indeed pay out real money.

What is Hipi App?

The Hipi app is a mobile app for iOS and Android that pays users to complete various microtasks and offers. Tasks may include watching videos, completing surveys, or checking into stores. The app claims users can reliably earn extra money in their spare time.

Hipi pays users for completing tasks through either direct deposit or various gift card options. The company behind the app says they work with thousands of legitimate brands and market research companies to source real tasks that need completing.

How Hipi Makes Money

Hipi profits by taking a cut of the fees brands pay to have microtasks completed. Companies find it cheaper and easier to pay Hipi to distribute simple tasks to a network of mobile users, rather than do the work in-house.

Task Variety

There are dozens of tasks available through the app at any given time. New tasks are added daily. Most tasks take just a few minutes and involve watching a video, answering a question, checking into a location, etc.

How does Hihi app work?

Using the Hipi app to earn money is straightforward:

Downloading and Setup

  • Download the free Hipi app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Create an account and choose your preferred payment method
  • Complete your user profile

Browsing and Completing Tasks

  • Open the app and browse available jobs and offers on the map
  • Select any tasks you wish to complete and follow the simple instructions
  • Get credited for each task upon successful completionGetting Paid
  • Accumulate earnings over time for completing microtasks
  • Cashout earnings whenever you want via PayPal, gift cards, etc.
  • Receive funds in your chosen payment method

The app aims to provide a frictionless user experience for completing bite-sized tasks and getting paid. The more tasks you complete, the more money you can accumulate and withdraw.

Hipi app Real or Fake?

Determining whether the Hipi app is legit and pays real money requires looking at various factors: payments, reviews, proof, and transparency.

Hipi app
Hipi app real or fake

Hipi app payment proof

When researching if Hipi actually pays, one of the best indicators is finding payment proof from real users. Multiple YouTube videos document people cashing out and receiving PayPal payments from Hipi ranging from $5 to over $100.

While individual payments may be small, they can add up over time for active users. Images and videos showing cashed out gift cards also help verify real money earnings.

Hipi app review on Trustpilot

Independent reviews of Hipi on trustworthy sites can also assess legitimacy. The app has a 3-star “average” rating on Trustpilot based on almost 300 reviews. Positive reviews mention smoothly receiving payments from actual companies.

However, there are also some negative reviews about delayed payments, app glitches, and poor customer support. This indicates users do earn money but the experience and reliability varies.

What the Quora community reviews about Hipi app

Asking a community of real users is another way to research Hipi’s legitimacy. Perusing Quora threads regarding Hipi reveals mixed but generally positive reviews. Many users corroborate making money with Hipi, some earning a few hundred dollars.

But there are also complaints of long pending payments, issues with minimum payout thresholds, and broken offers/tasks not crediting properly. Quora reviews reaffirm money can be made but with some inconsistencies.

Hihi app Review: Safe or not By NaoTotNhat

Evaluating Hipi app’s safety and security for users is another key element in determining legitimacy and reliability.

Hipi App Pros and Cons


  • Free to download and use
  • Simple signup process
  • Pairs well with spare time
  • Easy microtasks and offers
  • Verified payment proof


  • Mixed reviews on Trustpilot
  • Issues reported of delayed/missing payments
  • Must earn >$10 to cashout
  • Tedious withdrawal process
  • Poor customer service

The main benefits highlight the ease of use and verified reports of payments. However, negatives like poor support and payment problems are concerning.

Is Hipi app legit? Check Now

So is Hipi a legit money making app or a scam? The answer is…complicated. Reviewing all the evidence – the app can pay real money from completing microtasks. Payment proof and positive reviews confirm users earn extra cash.

However, problems around delayed payments, minimum cash out thresholds, and poor support suggest the app is disorganized and unreliable. Issues seem to arise when trying to actually withdraw funds earned.

Are the jobs to make money on Hipi app real?

Beyond just paying money, is the work on Hipi actual meaningful tasks or fake jobs? A few indicators suggest legitimacy:

  • Tasks come from known brands and companies
  • Jobs align with market research needs
  • App asks for qualifications/demographics
  • Variety of video and survey options

Checking into stores, watching ads, answering surveys, and giving opinions seem like plausible microtasks brands would pay to outsource. The tasks align with basic market research needs companies have that everyday users can fulfill.

BY contrast, more intense jobs like testing products, writing articles, or data entry seen on other “gig economy” apps are noticeably absent. This suggests Hipi focuses just on simple quick jobs rather than higher skill tasks.

Review of Hipi app withdrawals

While the tasks and payments may be legitimate, withdrawing earnings seems to cause issues for some users. Common problems include:

High Minimums

Needing to earn over $10 in app before allowing a withdrawal is inconvenient compared to apps that pay out instantly and in small amounts.

Long Processing Times

Many users report waiting weeks or even months to receive payments, despite constant communication from Hipi payments are still “processing.”

Reduced Payments

There are reports of payments arriving much less than expected based on in-app earnings, blaming fees or other vague deductions.

Account Deactivations

If Hipi flags a user for suspicious activity, or requesting too many payments, they may deactivate accounts without warning and refuse payouts.

Difficulty getting paid earned money is the biggest issue holding the app back from being excellent. Streamlining and speeding up payments should be top priority.

How to make money with hipi?

If you decide to try making money with Hipi, following some best practices can improve the experience:

Be Patient

Don’t expect to make a livable income from Hipi tasks alone. Treat it as a side hobby for spare time. Earnings build up slowly over time.

Cash Out Whenever Possible

Don’t let balance accumulate too high before withdrawal. Request payment as soon as you hit the minimum to avoid account issues down the line.

Stick To Simple Tasks

Focus on easy and quick activities like video views, store check ins, and 5 minute surveys. High paying tasks often have problems crediting properly.

Use Multiple Apps

Never depend on just one app like Hipi. Have back up options to switch between so earnings don’t stall if one app has problems.

Conclusion: Is Hipi app a scam?

In the end, is Hipi a shady scam app, or a legitimate way to earn a bit of extra cash conveniently from your phone? The truth lies somewhere in between.

The Hipi app has some hallmarks of a scam, like inability to easily withdraw earnings and poor support when issues arise. However, ample payment proof and generally positive user reviews confirm it does pay out real money to those who stick with it.

Hipi seems disorganized and overly ambitious rather than an outright scam. The companies behind it likely tried automating microtasks but didn’t plan for scale and support properly.

For users willing to weather delays and frustrations, Hipi does present real opportunities to earn a little extra money here and there. Just don’t plan to replace your full time income with it!