How to Get a Free Keyboard on TEMU? [2023]

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By minhtoan

TEMU is a popular online shopping platform known for its unbelievably low prices on electronics, home goods, apparel, and more. If you’re looking for a new keyboard, you may be wondering if it’s possible to score one for free on TEMU. The answer is yes – with the right strategy, you can get a quality keyboard without spending a dime. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting a free keyboard on TEMU in 2023.

Why Get a Keyboard on TEMU?

There are a few key reasons why getting a keyboard on TEMU is a smart idea:

  • Huge selection: TEMU has keyboards from all the top brands, including Logitech, Razer, HyperX, and more. They offer membrane, mechanical, ergonomic, wireless, and other types.
  • Affordable prices: Keyboard prices are generally much lower on TEMU compared to other retailers, even without any promotions.
  • Free shipping: TEMU offers free shipping on orders over a low minimum. No need to pay for delivery.
  • Promotions and coupons: TEMU regularly has sitewide sales, category discounts, and coupons that can be stacked to maximize savings on keyboards.
  • Easy returns: Don’t like your keyboard? Returns are free within 30 days.

TEMU Keyboard Deals to Look For:

While TEMU’s everyday keyboard prices are low, you can often save even more money by taking advantage of promotions, coupons, and deals. Here are some to watch for:

  • Site-wide sales: TEMU runs rotating sales like 10% off or $15 off $100 that apply to keyboards.
  • Flash deals: Limited time lightning deals can chop 50% or more off keyboard prices.
  • Coupon codes: Check sites like RetailMeNot for coupon codes to stack on existing discounts.
  • Buy More, Save More: Buying 2+ qualifying keyboards triggers extra bundled savings.
  • Free gift cards: Occasional promotions will offer a free $5-$20 gift card with keyboard purchases.
  • Reduced price + gift card: Another popular deal is a keyboard at a reduced price + a gift card making it free.

How to Get a Keyboard for Free on TEMU?

Following these steps will help you score a completely free keyboard on TEMU:

Step 1: Create a TEMU Account

If you don’t already have one, sign up for a free TEMU account. This will allow you to checkout faster, save payment methods, view order history, and access member-exclusive deals.

Step 2: Install TEMU App

Install the TEMU app on your iOS or Android device. The app makes deal hunting easier with notifications and mobile checkout. Optional but recommended.

Step 3: View Keyboard Deals

Browse the TEMU keyboards section and look out for any promotions or discounts happening. Search for specific models if you have one in mind.

Step 4: Find Free Keyboard Offers

Look for keyboards bundled with gift cards equal or greater than the keyboard price, making it free. Also look for “reduced price + gift card” combos.

Step 5: Add to Cart

When you find a free keyboard offer, add it to your cart. Make sure to select any optional colors or styles available.

Step 6: Apply Coupons

Before checking out, visit RetailMeNot and look for any valid TEMU promo codes you can apply to the order for extra savings.

Step 7: Checkout

Proceed through checkout. Make sure your shipping address is correct. Select FREE standard shipping.

Step 8: Select Shipping

On the shipping page, choose the free standard shipping option, usually 5-7 business days. Avoid express shipping fees.


With the right combination of TEMU keyboard promotions, gift card offers, coupons, and free shipping, you can get a high-quality keyboard without spending anything out of pocket. Just follow the tips above and keep hunting for the latest keyboard deals on TEMU. Act quickly though, as the best free offers tend to disappear fast