How to Unlink, Delete bank account from Airtel app online permanently

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By Van Nguyen

Linking a bank account to your Airtel mobile account can provide convenience by allowing easy payments and recharges. However, there may come a time when you want to unlink or delete a bank account from the Airtel app. Fortunately, Airtel provides straightforward methods for doing this online permanently.

Is link bank account from Airtel app safe?

Security of Airtel accounts

Airtel employs encryption and other security measures to protect linked bank account information. Sensitive data is not stored directly on Airtel’s servers. The app and website also use HTTPS to encrypt connections. So in general, linking a bank account through the Airtel app is safe.


However, there are some risks to consider:

Phishing attempts

Phishing attempts may try to steal your Airtel login credentials. Avoid clicking suspicious links and check that web addresses really belong to Airtel before entering information.

Unauthorized access

Someone with access to your phone could potentially access your Airtel account and linked bank account. Password protect your device and enable app lock where available.

Account monitoring

Closely monitor your bank account activity if linked to detect any unauthorized transactions. Many banks offer transaction alerts through SMS or email.

So proceed with caution, but linking an account through official Airtel channels does utilize security protections.

When Unlink bank account from Airtel app online

There are a few good times when you may want to unlink a bank account from Airtel:

Switching bank accounts

If you close the linked account or want to link a different bank account instead. Unlink the old account before adding the new account.

Account security

If your bank account is compromised, immediately unlink it from Airtel to prevent access to mobile recharge capabilities. Or if your Airtel account is ever compromised, unlinking bank accounts protects them as well.

Not using account

If you rarely use the linked account for Airtel payments or recharge, consider unlinking to reduce unused access points to that account.

Stop automatic payments

If auto debit payments like mobile bill are being made from a bank account without approval, unlinking can disable this.

So when accounts are compromised, unused, or causing unauthorized payments, promptly unlink the connection.

How to Unlink bank account from Airtel app online permanently

Airtel provides a straightforward process to permanently unlink bank accounts from your mobile account using the Airtel Thanks app.

Through Airtel Thanks App

  1. Open your Airtel Thanks app on your phone.
  2. Go to the Bank section.
  3. Tap on the bank account you want to unlink.
  4. Choose the Unlink account option.
  5. Check the box to confirm you want to proceed.
  6. Enter your OTP/passcode sent to your registered mobile number.
  7. Your bank account will now be permanently unlinked from your Airtel account.
How to  Delete bank account from Airtel app online
How to Unlink, Delete bank account from Airtel app online permanently

And that’s all there is to it! Just a few taps within the app unlink it. Confirm the bank account no longer appears linked under your account details.

How can I delete my Airtel wallet account?

If you wish to permanently close your Airtel Payments Bank account itself, you will have to contact customer support through one of these methods:

By Calling Customer Care

  1. Call Airtel Payments Bank customer care at +91 124 4388090.
  2. Inform the representative you want to close your account permanently.
  3. They will first try to understand why you want to close it.
  4. If you still wish to proceed, they will guide you through the account closure steps.
  5. This typically involves submitting ID proof and account details.
  6. Once submitted, your Airtel account will be closed in approximately 7-10 working days.

Visiting Airtel Payments Bank Point

  1. Physically go to an Airtel Payments Bank branch near you.
  2. Ask to speak with a customer service officer to close your account.
  3. Submit your Airtel Payments Bank account details and ID proofs as requested.
  4. Confirm that you want to permanently close the account.
  5. Your account closure will be processed in 7-10 working days.

Delete Airtel Payment Bank Account By Email

  1. Draft an account closure request email with necessary details to [email protected]
  2. Attach scans of ID proof like Aadhaar and account statements, passbooks.
  3. Explain the reason you want to close the Airtel Payments Bank permanently.
  4. Send the email. Wait up to 10 working days.
  5. You will get an email confirmation once your account has been closed.

So visit a branch, call customer support or email them to permanently delete your entire Airtel Payments Bank account when required. Just unlinking the account from your mobile app will not close the actual bank account itself.


I hope this clear guide covered how to properly unlink and delete bank accounts from the Airtel mobile app. Unlinking can provide security and convenience when bank accounts change or payments need to be stopped. And if closing the Airtel account itself is preferred, their customer support can assist through phone, email or in-person channels.