Sproutgigs is real or fake? Do Really pay?

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By Van Nguyen

SproutGigs (also known as Picoworkers) is an online platform that connects businesses and individuals looking to outsource small tasks with freelancers willing to complete those tasks for pay. Here is a detailed review of how SproutGigs works, its legitimacy, how to make money on the platform, and more.

What is SproutGigs (aka Picoworkers)

SproutGigs, formerly known as Picoworkers, is a microtasking platform that allows you to outsource small jobs and tasks to a global network of freelancers. The platform was launched in 2015 and has grown to over 1 million registered users completing over 50 million tasks.

Some key things to know about SproutGigs:

  • It connects businesses and individuals who need small tasks completed (buyers) with freelancers willing to complete microtasks for pay (sellers).
  • Tasks range from data entry, research, design, writing, admin tasks, surveys, social media work, etc. Most tasks pay $3-5 on average.
  • SproutGigs takes a 10% commission on each task payment. Sellers keep 90% of their earnings.
  • It has a global freelancer pool from over 100 countries, providing 24/7 task fulfillment.
  • Tasks can be completed on computers or smartphones through the SproutGigs mobile app.

Overall, SproutGigs is designed for outsourcing and completing bite-sized microtasks that only take a few minutes. It’s an easy way to get small digital tasks done affordably.

How does Sproutgigs work?

Here is an overview of how SproutGigs functions as a microtasking platform:


  • Buyers post jobs/tasks they need completed, provide task details, set a budget and delivery time. Most tasks pay around $3-5 on average.
  • Common tasks include market research, data entry, design, writing, admin work, surveys, social media work, transcription, and more.
  • Buyers deposit funds into their SproutGigs account balance to pay for tasks. Funds are held securely in escrow until tasks are completed.


  • Sellers browse available tasks and submit proposals to complete tasks they are interested in and qualified for.
  • If their proposal is accepted, sellers complete the task as required by the deadline. They can communicate with the buyer through the platform messaging system if they have any questions.
  • Once the task is done, the seller submits their work and gets paid by the buyer from their escrowed funds. SproutGigs takes a 10% commission on payments.
  • Sellers can withdraw their earnings easily via PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfer and gift cards. There are no fees for withdrawals.

This simple, flexible structure allows buyers and sellers to outsource and complete small microtasks with ease. The platform handles payments securely in escrow until work is done.

Sproutgigs is real or fake? Review

Based on research and user reviews, SproutGigs is considered a legitimate microtasking platform where you can find real freelance job opportunities and earn money completing tasks:

  • It has been operating since 2015 with over 1 million registered users. Many reputable companies and individuals use SproutGigs for outsourcing.
  • User testimonials confirm regular sellers on SproutGigs earn money consistently each month completing microtasks. Some make $500+ monthly on the platform.
  • SproutGigs facilitates secure escrow payments, with freelancers paid promptly once their work is approved. Payments are guaranteed for completed work.
  • The platform has an active support team that handles disputes fairly if issues arise. Their global Trust & Safety team works to prevent fraud.
  • SproutGigs verifies user identities and has measures in place to detect potentially fraudulent activities. Sellers’ work quality is also rated.

While users should still be cautious of potential scams (as with any online platform), SproutGigs overall appears to be a legitimate way for freelancers to find paid microtasks and earn money online. As long as you complete assigned tasks properly, you will get paid as promised.

How to make Money on SproutGigs

There are a few ways freelancers can earn money on SproutGigs through completing microtasks:

Small Jobs

The main way to earn is by completing the various small jobs or tasks posted by buyers on the platform. These include things like:

  • Data entry
  • Research
  • Surveys
  • Reviews
  • Design/graphics
  • Writing
  • Administrative tasks
  • Proofreading
  • And more

Most tasks pay around $3 to $5 on average, depending on the type and complexity. Active sellers can complete multiple tasks daily to earn a decent income.

Referral Program

SproutGigs offers a referral program where you can earn commissions for referring new buyers and sellers. Here’s how it works:\n\n- Refer friends/users via your unique referral link

  • You get 10% of the commission fees from tasks completed by sellers you refer
  • You get 5% of order values from any buyers you refer

This provides a passive income stream on top of your task earnings. The more users you refer, the more you can potentially earn each month.

Joining Bonus

SproutGigs offers new users a $1 joining bonus once they complete their account registration. This bonus can be withdrawn immediately along with any earnings.

While just a small amount, it’s a nice incentive when starting out on the platform.

How much money can you make on SproutGigs?

Income potential on SproutGigs can vary depending on your effort and consistency completing tasks. Some key earnings factors:

  • Task volume – The more tasks you complete daily, the higher your earnings. Active sellers earn $200+ monthly.
  • Task type – Writing, design and research tasks tend to pay more than simple data entry or survey tasks.
  • Work hours – Full-time sellers who put in regular daily hours earn substantially more than those who just do tasks occasionally.
  • Reputation – Sellers with a high approval rating tend to get hired for more tasks. Providing quality work builds up your profile.
  • Referrals – Earnings from referring new users can provide nice bonus income each month on top of task earnings.

While individual tasks pay relatively low amounts, serious sellers report earning anywhere from $300 to $1,000+ per month. This can provide a decent side income stream for the right freelancers.

Is sproutgigs legit? Is SproutGigs trusted?

As covered earlier, SproutGigs appears to be a legitimate platform based on user reviews and experience. Here are some of the top reasons it can be considered trusted for earning money:

  • Time-tested – It has been operating successfully since 2015, paying freelancers on millions of completed tasks.
  • User consensus – The overwhelming consensus from actual sellers is that SproutGigs pays as promised. Users are able to withdraw earnings with no problems reported.
  • Positive reviews – It has generally positive reviews on sites like TrustPilot from real users verifying they get paid for their work.
  • Payment escrow – Buyer payments are held securely in escrow, only released to sellers upon the buyer approving the completed work. This prevents scams.
  • Active support – SproutGigs has an active customer support team to help with any issues and mediate disputes.
  • Fraud prevention – Their Trust & Safety team works to prevent fraudulent activities using technology and human reviews. Account identities are also verified.

While you should use common sense online, SproutGigs appears to be one of the more legitimate microtask platforms out there based on reputation and user reviews. As long as you complete your assigned tasks properly, you should have no trouble getting paid.

How to Withdrawing Your SproutGig Earnings

Withdrawing your earnings from SproutGigs is straightforward and fee-free:

  • Thresholds – You can request a withdrawal at any time. There is no minimum withdrawal amount.
  • Methods – Withdrawal options include PayPal, Payoneer, Direct Bank Transfer, Gift Cards and Cryptocurrency.
  • Timeframe – PayPal withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. Bank transfers take 2-7 days. Gift cards are instant.
  • Fees – There are no fees for withdrawals. SproutGigs covers the transaction costs.
  • Limits – Standard accounts have a daily withdrawal limit of $500 and monthly limit of $2,000. Higher limits are available upon request and verification.

The easy and free withdrawals make it simple to access your hard-earned money from SproutGigs. PayPal is the most popular payout method for its convenience and speed. Be sure to use a confirmed withdrawal address – SproutGigs will verify it prior to processing your transaction.

SproutGigs offers a legitimate platform for freelancers to earn money by completing microtasks posted by businesses and individuals worldwide. It provides flexible opportunities to make a side income online through small jobs like data entry, research, surveys, design work, writing, and more.

Active SproutGigs users are able to earn several hundred to over $1,000 per month depending on the volume and type of tasks completed. Payments are held securely in escrow and users report being able to withdraw their earnings with no issues.

As long as you provide quality work and a positive experience for buyers, SproutGigs represents one of the better microtasking platforms out there to make money in your spare time. Just be selective about the tasks you choose and provide good service to earn a decent income through this platform.