How to withdraw in tongits go gostars to gcash account 2023

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By Van Nguyen

Online games have become hugely popular in recent years, offering people a fun and engaging way to pass their free time and even earn some money. One such game that has caught on in popularity, especially in the Philippines, is Tongits Go.

This card game can be played through the app Tongits Go, allowing users to match up against other players and accumulate in-game currency called “Gostars”. For many users, a key appeal of these games is the ability to withdraw your earned Gostars into real cash. In this article, Naototnhat walk through the steps on how to withdraw your Tongits Go Gostars into a GCash account, one of the most widely used mobile wallets in the Philippines.

What is Tongits Go Gostars

Tongits Go is a popular digital version of the traditional Filipino card game Tongits, played on the Tongits Go app and website. Like many other online games today, Tongits Go incorporates a virtual currency within the game called Gostars. Players can earn Gostars by winning games against other opponents. The more games you win, the more Gostars you’ll accumulate as a player.

Gostars act as virtual tokens or credits that players can use to redeem for real monetary rewards if they choose. The amount of Gostars earned will depend on your skill level and frequency of play. Highly skilled players that devote a lot of time to the game can potentially earn thousands of Gostars.

While Gostars hold value within the context of the Tongits Go game, the exciting part is that players can convert these Gostars into actual cash. The game facilitates withdrawing your balance of Gostars into Philippine peso that is transferred to your preferred e-wallet, such as GCash.

HOW TO play tongits go with gcash

Here is a quick overview of how to get started playing Tongits Go using GCash:

Step 1: Download the Tongits Go app

Search for “Tongits Go” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the game app. It’s published by Gostars Digital Entertainment.

Step 2: Setup your account

When first launching the app, you’ll need to register for a new player account. Provide some basic personal details like your name, birthdate, and email address to signup.

Step 3: Deposit to GCash

Before playing, you’ll need to make an initial deposit into your account using GCash. In the app, go to the “Cash In” section, select GCash as the payment method, enter your GCash mobile number, and deposit the desired amount.

Step 4: Start playing matches

Once funded, you can begin matching up against other players! Test your skills in the available game modes.

Step 5: Withdraw Gostars to GCash

As you win matches, you’ll start accumulating Gostars. When ready to cashout, go to “Cash Out” section and link to your GCash account to transfer Gostars to your GCash wallet.

tongits go gostars to gcash
How to withdraw in tongits go gostars to gcash account

So in summary, you need to first connect your Tongits Go account with GCash to fund it and then later withdraw back to GCash once you’ve earned Gostars from gameplay. It’s a seamless integration between the game and e-wallet.

How to earn money in tongits go

There are a few main ways to earn Gostars within Tongits Go:

Winning matches

The primary way players earn Gostars is by winning matches against other players within the app. You’ll earn Gostars each time you win a head-to-head game. The amount earned per win depends on the game mode and bet amount.

Obviously, the more matches you win, the faster you’ll accumulate Gostars. Sharpening your skills and strategy will increase your win percentage over time.

Daily login bonus

Tongits Go offers a daily login bonus prize of 200 Gostars. This incentivizes players to return to the app daily and provides a baseline daily earning.

Completing achievements

There are various gaming achievements tied to milestones you can unlock while playing, such as winning your first match or achieving a 10-game winning streak. Each achievement completed will reward you with a sum of Gostars.

Participating in promotions

Tongits Go frequently runs special promotions, contests, and events within the app that provide opportunities to earn extra Gostars. Be sure to take advantage of these when they pop up.

Referring friends

You can earn 500 Gostars for each friend you successfully refer to sign up and start playing Tongits Go. Referring active players to the game is an easy passive way to earn.

Through combining these strategies – excelling at matches, capitalizing on bonuses, and participating in promos – dedicated players can earn a steady Gostar income over time. The key is regular play and mastering your skills.

How to withdraw in tongits go gostars to gcash account

If you’ve accumulated a healthy balance of Gostars from gameplay, you’ll probably want to cash them out into real money. The good news is the process of withdrawing Gostars into GCash is quick and straightforward. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Link GCash account

If you haven’t already, you first need to link your GCash account within the Tongits Go app. Go to the “Cash In/Cash Out” section and choose to “Add a Cash Out Account”. Select GCash and enter your registered GCash mobile number.

Step 2: Initiate cashout

Once linked, go to “Cash Out” and select your connected GCash account. Enter the amount of Gostars you wish to withdraw. The minimum amount is 100 Gostars.

Step 3: Confirm the details

Carefully review the withdrawal details presented for accuracy. Double check the GCash number and amount of Gostars being transferred. Then select “Confirm” to finalize the payout request.

Step 4: Approval

The Tongits Go team will review and process approved cashout requests once per day. So you’ll need to wait for the next batch approval, usually within 24 hours.

Step 5: Receive GCash credit

Once approved, the equivalent peso amount will be credited to your GCash wallet balance. You can then cashout the amount to your bank account or spend it directly using GCash.

And that’s it! Withdrawing your Gostars is fast and easy. Just be sure to closely review the details before confirming your cashout request. With regular play, skilled Tongits Go players can earn a nice side income in GCash from their gaming success!

Why not withdraw in tongits go gostars to gcash

While linking GCash to withdraw your Tongits Go Gostars is recommended for convenience, there are a couple reasons you may prefer an alternate method:

Don’t have a GCash account

The most obvious reason is if you don’t yet have a GCash account setup. Signing up for GCash will require providing personal information, linking a bank account, and downloading the mobile app. If you don’t want to setup a GCash wallet, you’ll need to use a different cashout method.

Prefer bank transfer

Withdrawing to GCash first requires you to then transfer out from GCash to your bank account. This introduces an extra step compared to cashing out directly to your bank account. If you prefer a direct bank transfer, you may want to use an alternate cashout option.

Transaction fees

GCash will charge a small transaction fee for bank transfers from your GCash wallet. Depending on your bank, this is usually around P15 per transaction. Avoiding this fee is a reason to use other cashout methods.

Cashout limits

GCash imposes a daily limit of P50,000 for cashouts to bank accounts. If withdrawing a very large balance of Gostars, you may need to use multiple transactions. Other cashout methods may enable higher limits.

Security concerns

Linking your GCash e-wallet introduces some security risks, albeit small. If you have concerns over e-wallet account hacks, direct bank transfer may seem more secure.

In summary, GCash integration makes cashing out easy and fast for most players. But depending on your personal preferences, direct bank transfer or other e-wallets like PayMaya may be more suitable. Evaluate which cashout method best aligns with your needs.

Tongits Go provides a fun way for Filipinos to earn money online by playing a classic card game through their mobile app. Winning matches enables players to accumulate the in-game currency called Gostars. These Gostars can then be withdrawn into real cash rewards. Linking your Tongits Go account with GCash offers a quick and convenient way to cashout your Gostars to peso funds. The steps are straightforward – simply link GCash, initiate a withdrawal request for your Gostar balance, and wait for the approval to receive the money in your GCash wallet. Just be sure to closely review the cashout details before confirming. While GCash is recommended for most, there are reasons you may prefer an alternate withdrawal method. Evaluate your personal preferences to decide the best way to cash in on your gaming success.