Is Forex Royale real or fake traders? Legi or not? Does pay real Money?

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By Van Nguyen

Forex Royale is an online trading platform that claims to help users make money through forex and binary options trading. However, there have been questions around whether Forex Royale is legitimate or a scam. Naototnhat article provides an in-depth look at Forex Royale to help determine if it is real or fake.

What is Forex Royale?

Forex Royale markets itself as a signals service and auto-trading software that generates lucrative trade signals to help users profit from forex and binary options trading. According to their website, Forex Royale uses advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze the markets and identify profitable trades.

The company claims that by following their trade signals, users can make over $1,000 per day in profits with little effort or trading experience required. New users only need to make a minimum deposit of $250 to get started.

How Forex Royale Claims to Work

Forex Royale states that their algorithms monitor the markets 24/7 and identify profitable trading opportunities across multiple assets like currency pairs, commodities, stocks, and indices.

When their system spots a potential winning trade, it automatically executes the trade and sends a signal notification to users. Users can choose to have the trades executed automatically in their brokerage account or execute the trades manually based on the signals received.


Alleged Win Rates and Returns

On their website, Forex Royale claims that their algorithms can achieve up to 97% accuracy in predicting winning trades. This purportedly translates to consistent daily returns of 20-50% for users following their signals.

They even provide “results” screenshots on their site showing accounts growing from thousands to over a million dollars in profits over a few months. However, these claims seem wildly unrealistic and improbable.

Is Forex Royale real or fake traders?

Based on research into Forex Royale, there are several red flags that indicate it is likely a scam operation versus a legitimate trading service:

Fake Creator & Founders

While Forex Royale claims to be founded by a person named “Liam Jameson,” this individual seems completely made up. There are no financial trading credentials or biography that can be verified for this person online.

Fake Offices & Addresses

Forex Royale lists office addresses in London, UK that appear non-existent. The provided addresses don’t lead to actual offices related to Forex Royale. This is another indicator that the company is faking legitimacy.

Purely Online Presence

Beyond their own website, Forex Royale has virtually no online footprint. There are no verified social media profiles, customer reviews, or independent reporting about the company that help establish trust or transparency.

Unrealistic Claims & Promises

As covered earlier, Forex Royale makes consistently high profit claims (97% win rate, 20-50%+ daily returns) that are unrealistic and typical of scams trying to hook unsuspecting traders with promises of easy money.

Anonymous Team

Nowhere does Forex Royale provide information about who specifically founded or manages the company. This lack of transparency about the team behind the platform is worrisome.

Reviews Point to Scam Practices

While Forex Royale lacks verified reviews, several reports online by apparent former users expose questionable account deposit and withdrawal policies indicating scam-like behavior.

Based on these significant red flags, Forex Royale appears to be a fictitious trading company designed to defraud users. It does not seem to have a verifiable track record of generating profitable signals or helping traders make money.

How to play Forex Royale

If still wondering whether Forex Royale works or not, it’s important to keep in mind – no legitimate trading service can guarantee users will make money without risk. Consistently high returns as advertised are unrealistic.

Any software claiming to automatically execute highly profitable trades raises suspicion. And requiring a minimum deposit before accessing a system also hints at a potential scam.

Instead of buying into marketing claims at face value, research what current members are saying. Search for independent feedback on returns and the withdrawal process specifically. Verify founders/developers identities for transparency.

Use skepticism before risking money – if unsure, it may be safest to avoid the platform altogether. Consider more reputable & regulated alternatives.

Forex royale download

Forex Royale requests users deposit funds into a brokerage account to access their signals and trading system. They recommend starting with a minimum $250 deposit.

Once signed up and funded, members can purportedly log in to the Forex Royale dashboard via web browser to view trades and performance. The company does not appear to offer a direct desktop or mobile trading app.

Without an actual verified product though, any download links could be questionable and pose cybersecurity issues for users if providing personal information.

Risks of Downloading Dubious Software

Attempting to download software from unreliable sources like Forex Royale exposes users to risks such as:

  • Malware infections that can steal personal data
  • Unexpected or hidden fees charged
  • Logging personal information without consent
  • Fake reviews and statements spread unethically

If considering downloading Forex Royale software, understand the risks first. As covered already, many signs point to the platform being fake.

How to verify forex royale account

If exploring Forex Royale, it’s critical to verify account security and authentication processes before providing any personal information or depositing funds.

However, Forex Royale itself does not seem to be a legitimate company based on the research shared earlier. It’s likely impossible to truly verify the platform or account given the various red flags of it being an outright scam.

In general, here are some best practices to keep in mind for evaluating trading services:

What to Check Before Verifying Accounts

  • Founders backgrounds – Research credentials and careers of founders/developers
  • Contact info – Review multiple forms of available contact info for support
  • Regulator registrations – Verify registration with financial regulators in applicable jurisdictions
  • Reviews – Search for balanced feedback from current & past clients
  • Social media – Vet profiles across platforms for consistency and transparency

Without many if any of these indicators present like in the case of Forex Royale, consider avoiding the platform altogether. Protect personal data and money at all costs when fraud is suspected.

How to withdraw money from forex royale

Withdrawing money safely from Forex Royale may unfortunately not prove possible. As covered earlier, many signs point to Forex Royale being a fake trading platform.

Difficulty Withdrawing from Scams

Scam operations like Forex Royale often make it very difficult or impossible for users to withdraw deposited funds by:

  • Requiring minimum trading volume before withdrawals allowed
  • Charging hefty withdrawal fees to try deterring withdrawals
  • Simply rejecting withdrawal requests outright

Forex Royale itself suggests withdrawals can take between 3 to 5 business days to process once requested. However, users typically report never actually receiving payments. Support communication also appears to be non-responsive.

When evaluating trading systems, check for reports on withdrawal success specifically from impartial reviewers before depositing any funds that may prove irrecoverable from shady platforms.

Is Forex Royale Legi or not?

In summary – Forex Royale does NOT appear to be a legal, legitimate trading service provider.

Based on the findings covered, major red flags indicate Forex Royale is likely a scam operation including:

  • Fake personal backgrounds & company information
  • Unrealistic profit/return promises
  • Anonymous team with no transparency
  • No verifiable registration or licenses

Additionally, alleged customer feedback reveals:

  • Difficulty withdrawing funds once deposited
  • Non-responsive customer support

With no evident track record or transparency around their services, Forex Royale seems to simply pose as a trading platform to secure deposits which users then cannot actually withdraw.

Until fundamental details around Forex Royale’s operations and team can be verified for legitimacy purposes, the platform cannot be considered legal or genuine. Users are best advised to avoid the suspected scam.

Does fx royale pay real money?

It does not appear that Forex Royale facilitates users making real money – the platform is likely a scam. Many reported customers expose they are unable to ever withdraw funds once deposited, indicating no actual trading takes place.

While Forex Royale displays performance graphs and even personal account screenshots showing incredible profits, these are almost certainly simulated and do not represent actual trading accounts. It’s a fairly common tactic used to mislead potential clients.

Without evidence of real verified users able to withdraw money, Forex Royale remains unproven and untrustworthy. There’s no reason to expect the platform enables earning real profits.

It’s best to avoid services claiming incredibly high returns for no effort. Making real money trading requires developing real skills – something scams claiming otherwise lack legitimacy.

Can withdraw money from FX Royale?

Withdrawals from Forex Royale appear to be virtually impossible according to alleged past customer reports. Many users expose depositing hundreds to thousands of dollars and then being unable to ever retrieve those funds.

Here are some potential realities to expect trying to withdraw from FX Royale based on limited user feedback:

  • Support unresponsive to withdrawal requests
  • Withdrawals rejected outright with no reason
  • Require impossible trading volume prior to withdrawals
  • Subject to hefty fees making balance withdrawal financially worthless

Essentially once deposits go into Forex Royale, users likely lose complete access and control over that money. The platform appears intentionally designed to take deposits but prevent withdrawals.

Until verifiable evidence emerges of real traders able to withdraw amounts they have deposited, it’s safest to avoid sending any funds to Forex Royale altogether.


In summary, considerable evidence supports concluding that Forex Royale is a fake trading platform and likely scam operation rather than a legitimate way to earn money.

Multiple red flags uncovered around Forex Royale including fake founder profiles, promises of unrealistic returns, lack of transparency, and inability for customers to withdraw funds point unambiguously to fraudulent activities.

While more definitive proof may still emerge, users are best advised to stay away from sending any money or personal data to Forex Royale. Real trading capable of generating profits requires developing genuine skills – not following signals from questionable sources.

Evaluate trading system developers meticulously, search for impartial reviews, and verify performance claims before considering spending any money. If something appears too good to be true as Forex Royale does, it very likely is.